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This report was presented at the autumn session of Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers by Colonel /Reserves/ Rumyan Rusev


Dear Mr. President,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The civilization, the countries, the nations, the peoples, and we ourselves are placed in times of decisions and actions that can change the world. On November 13th, following similar events in other world capitals and cities, France also suffered new terrorist attacks – an implementation of the ideology of extremism.
It is undeniable fact that the events to follow will be neither the end of history, nor the apocalypse of the planet but they are moment for responsibility, precision and a measured determination on the part of the nations’ leaders, states, national and international organizations and the people.
We, as members of the International Confederation of Officers in the Reserve - CIOR, referring to our understanding of responsibility and duty, would like to present to you our understanding of the place and nature of extremism in the system of laws /basic objective laws/ of terrorism that we regard as a special kind of armed struggle. We believe that view may help to perform the effective counteraction against extremism and terrorism.
Our civilization is living in the conditions and in the time of a consummated conflict.

Scientific and pragmatic arguments
The armed struggle represents the time course of constructive and destructive processes in the opposing systems. But it is not merely this; it is also a purposeful impact on inter-elemental functions and relationships of opposing combat system. That impact can lead the system to loss of functional properties. The breach of the functioning of the opposing fighting system is easier, more appropriate as well as more parsimonious in terms of resources than the first one. But to achieve both of the tasks, knowledge of the fundamental laws of the opposing combat system is necessary and above all knowledge of its problems-comprising components. The military systematology together with its developed methods for the exploration of complex systems could be a common methodological basis of such an effort.
Reality gave us arguments to accept terrorism as a problem-containing system, and each system is connected to the laws that govern its integrity.
Terrorism, as a special kind of armed struggle is a complex system with its own laws, inherent only to it. The existence of these laws fully corresponds to one of the founding principles of systematic research - autonomy. The systemic laws as autonomous (local) laws are somewhat private, as a specialized idea of general scientific laws.
The systemology concept implies the possibility for a concise display of any complex reality by building a target-oriented system model. I believe that the experts of CIOR made progress in developing a system model of terrorism as a specific kind of armed struggle. And this model is functional.
Possible outcomes
If our system allegations of existence of objective laws of terrorism as a special kind of armed struggle are correct, the analysis of their mechanisms of action will allow the following conclusions:
First. Terrorism as a special kind of armed struggle is not straightforward chaotic or uniquely determined process.

Second. These laws operate collectively; they are connected to each other. So their action is determined by the totality of opportunities from which, depending on the conditions, only one possibility is implemented.
Third. From the above, the following conclusion applies - that the laws of the particular kind of armed struggle called Terrorism hold probabilistic nature, so we have reason to call them statistical (probabilistic and statistical).
Fourth. The laws of the particular kind of armed struggle - Terrorism are autonomous within the system - armed struggle, where the laws of motion of the matter in all of its forms - mechanical, chemical and biological - fully operate.
Fifth. The terrorist groups of the armed extremist forces are ergatic systems, i. e. they organically and dialectically unite technology and people so the peculiar public laws are inherent to them and to the armed struggle. These laws are manifested, for example, in the laws of the armed struggle associated with the balance of power (moral-psychological factor), “feeding” of the combat system, etc …
Laws of terrorism as a specific kind of armed struggle
In the same line of thinking, it is logical to enumerate the following laws of the particular kind of armed struggle - modern terrorism:
1. Unity of two macro components: the deconstructive processes in extremism and terrorism and the fight for the complete destruction of those who are different.
2. Law on the obedience of terrorist action towards achieving the paralysis and destruction of the very structure of human civilization and planetary society.
3. Law on the use of all available resources and possible priyoms of “total war”.
4. Law of the sustainability of combat terrorist groups and formations.
5. Law of the interaction including the spontaneously occurred one among terrorist groups and organizations.
6. Law of correspondence between hyper-terrorist purposes and the unlimited use of all means of peaceful citizens including WMD /weapons of mass destruction/.
7. Law on the “feeding” and provision of terrorism and terrorist organizations and groups by extremism and extremist masses.
8. Law on the focus of the terrorist effort against the most important public political, economical, infrastructural, informational and other life-providing units of the civil organization of society.
9. Law on the hidden penetration and hiding among the local civilians.
10. Law on the the creation of ubiquitous front.
11. Law on the surprising attack.
12. Law on the urban priority.
13. Law on the disproportions in the balance of power.
14. Law of achieving superiority.

In this law system of terrorism as special armed struggle the first law is an essential one, the last - general, but the seventh one is unique.
These judgments in addition to the other options can also contribute to:
- Scientific arguments for collective military effort against terrorism;
- Specifying of the current and future military efforts;
- Concentrating efforts on the root cause of terrorism - extremism as essence, doctrine, way of thinking and psychological peculiarity out of meaningful space; for example of the religious concepts with whose phraseology it disguises itself.

In this context we share the belief that terrorism can be limited to framework of episodic activities if the determining action of the Seventh - Unique Law - Law on the “feeding” and provision of terrorism and terrorist organizations and groups by extremism as essence, doctrine, attitude and behavior and extremist masses, shall be violated anteriorly.

Colonel /Reserves/ Rumyan Rusev




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