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"Islamic State" or realization of Islamic extremist...
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МнениеПуснато на: Чет Дек 04, 2014 11:23 am    Заглавие:  "Islamic State" or realization of Islamic extremist...  

"Islamic State" or realization of Islamic extremist totality as an ideology, totalitarian movements and Islamic extremist totalitarian and territorial reality

Author: colonel Roumian Roussev

Islamic extremism in itself is enough deployed and completed ideology. As shocking as it may sound, the facts can be ignored hardily with success. For the first time in modern history appeared, a new territorial formation calling itself "Islamic state" whose ideology is Islamic extremism. Hardly here is the place for emphasis on chronological retrospection of the facts of the creation of preconditions for the emergence of "Islamic State". I think that for the philosophy of the research is important to try to trace how the realities in the societies allowed the ideology of Islamic extremist totality to pass through the stages of conversion as extremist Islamic totalitarian movements and managed to organize itself and take territorial space from several countries realizing the project "Islamic State".
Extremist Islamic idea as a more or less conceptual idea in the modern world, claims many things, but also dating, conditions for martyrdom, absolute rightness, unlimited aggression, totality of funds and popularity of leaders. If sufficiently it can be assumed it is true that modern Islamic extremist idea emerged as a prototype of conceptualization in Egyptian prisons, the modern history of Islamic extremism has its even conditional start time. Later the realization of this conceptualization went through the stages of the formation and implementation of Islamic extremist movements such as "Muslim brothers" and others like it, as well organized and spread around the world extremist and most of them terrorist organizations. With biggest notoriety among them is the "Al Qaeda". Was subsequently achieved the realization of Islamic extremist totalitarian model of state structure in the territories that were conquered by the "Islamic state."
This rapid growth from the emergence of the idea to the decisive experience for its realization went violently and quickly showed real potential - facts that reinforce anxiety, but also need of understanding the processes and of course immediate interventions. It is undisputed that these stages are related to objective facts that can be summarized factually and chronologically on four levels.
Islamic extremism is capable of creating leaders who are needed to its intentions: possessing mind, bigotry, cruelty, brutality, organization, consistency, clinical total dependence and more and more. Anyone who takes the road of combating Islamic extremism need to know in advance that will be faced with such a person and be ready for it . We will stand against force and determination and with something more than these we can succeed.
Islamic extremist leaders as a rule were not and are not only ideologues and leaders of people like them. Тhey also were strategists, tacticians and commanders of armies of Islamic extremism and terrorism, direct organizers and leaders of terrorist attacks around the world. I think this is the reason for the amazing speed with which they are forgotten and the incredible ease with which they are replaced by other, "In war as in war" say not only French. And this finding is not accidental, but is referred to as analogous to the realities in any other extreme and totalitarian organization and movement with total characteristics. One of the total characteristics implying total reaction against different is fanaticism.
Fanaticism in Islamic extremism as opposed to all forms of idealism is a powerful, comprehensive, vivid and rapidly disintegrating. This would sound like shamanic anathema, if the study of Islamic extremist fanaticism didn't reach to its roots and foundation. I think there is reason assertion / derived and justified in another monograph by the author / that extremist fanaticism is not a matter of belief, but of psychological attitudes and justified by fundamentals as the total dependence, fetishism of the leader, the fiction uf exclusivity, consequences of violence, experienced at a young age, self-identification only set among fellows, uncontrollable, usually concealed aggression etc. This fanaticism collapses like cardboard tower of colored cards when the group leader abandons his fanatical followers or crush their claims expressed as belief. But while Islamic extremism is united, organized and gives arguments for faith in the power that it has for its fanatical supporters, former and foreign experience and all arguments have no value: "... as though identification with the movement and the total conformity crush even the person's ability to sense extreme conditions ...".
The big problem created by the realization of the pattern of Islamic extremist totalitarian state is support in specific human resource. "Islamic State" is different from "Al Qaeda", hundreds of similar and even "Hezbollah". It's different with the characters of people who gather under its banners, because its supporters and fighters are not class or stratum of society, but a specific entity known in political science with the word "crowd". "Islamic State" is not just something different from other extremist and terrorist organizations known today, but it is something more than itself because its content is not limited to the conquered territories and even with its propagandic geostrategema called "Caliphate" . One who knows the processes and the real nature of Islamic extremism ideology and the totality of the specific entity called today "Islamic State", knows what it is. Under the banner of "Islamic state" in the initial stage of its occurrence met people who had lost their livelihoods , demobilized soldiers from the army of Saddam Hussein and Iraqi repressive agencies of the regime, the unemployed and low-literate children of war in Iraq and other countries, men experienced childhood in refugee camps, also radicals from Islamic and secular universities, mercenaries from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Middle East, Chechnya and Dagestan, people from the former Soviet Union, the Balkans, Islamic Asia and Oceania, Europe and America. Тhey all are fascinated by extremist leaders who use their position of Islamic preachers, primordial fascination of the character "Islamic cleric".
Some of them were representatives of the conditional and amorphous group that we call "new Muslims", and today this component becomes larger, mainly in countries outside the zone of direct conflict. As we do not want to concede , those who first tried to organize resistance to the Islamic extremist organization "Islamic State" were not developed countries of Europe, America and Asia, nor Christianity, Judaism or Buddhism but representatives of Islam. Who better than Muslims can feel and understand quickly the risk of cancer growth Islamic extremism masked by rhetorical phraseology of their religion.
Underestimation of the problem "Islamic State", the dominance of processes and events of a different nature in the world, inertia and little information predetermined promotion of misconceptions and lack of recognition still of the exclusive role played by Islam in the reduction of the "Islamic State". Even in our media , fighters who give one of the most active resistance to the armies of the "Islamic State" are called "Kurds" and we miss more important thing - they are Shia Muslims. This reality, which was yesterday something distant, and today is already in Bulgaria, as in other European countries, raises questions of principle and of specific nature.
Тhe success of the unrecognized reality is a fact. The fact is that the idea of "Islamic State" is already here.
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